Best travel eSIM in Kosovo

On your way to Kosovo? Keep your phone equipped with cost-effective mobile data as you travel. Whether you’re visiting the capital, Pristina, or exploring other cities, a eSIM card is the best way to stay connected while visiting the country.

As Kosovo isn’t neither a member of the EU or Serbia, neither EU roaming or physical SIM cards from Serbia will work in Kosovo. 

Tourist-Friendly Digital SIM Option

The eSIM cards listed below are all 100% digital prepaid cards. This means there’s no subscription or hidden fees to worry about. The price you see is the only cost you’ll incur to stay connected on your mobile.

Choose eSIM with up to 20 GB Data

In Kosovo, you have the option to select from six different eSIM cards, offering between 1 and 20 GB of mobile data. Their validity ranges from 7 to 30 days, allowing you to choose the right eSIM card based on your data requirements and the duration of your stay in Kosovo.

kosovo icon esim
kosovo icon esim

1 GB

kosovo icon esim

2 GB

kosovo icon esim

3 GB

kosovo icon esim

5 GB

kosovo icon esim

10 GB

kosovo icon esim

20 GB

Data Roaming Across the Balkans and Europe

If your travels are taking you beyond Kosovo and into other Balkan countries, consider opting for a regional eSIM card. This will not only cover you in Kosovo but also offer mobile data in Albania, Serbia, and North Macedonia, providing a seamless connection as you explore the region.

esim airalo ikon
europe icon esim


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