Prepaid eSIM in Canada

With an eSIM in Canada, you can have mobile data throughout your North American adventure. Starting at just €5.6 ($6), you can enjoy cheap and affordable mobile data from the moment you set foot on Canadian soil. It doesn’t matter if you land in Vancouver or Toronto, with an eSIM in Canada, you have immediate data access on your phone.

eSIMs are cheaper than physical SIM cards in Canada

Physical prepaid cards (SIM cards) with mobile data are very expensive in Canada. Due to the enormous land masses, a vast number of cell towers are required to cover all of Canada which drive up the price of data roaming. Furthermore, the canadian mobile network market also suffers from much fewer operators compared to European standards, which further increase the price.

Luckily, the eSIM provider GlobaleSIM is able to undercut physical roaming prices by buying roaming in bulk and then separating them on a vast number of eSIMs.

Compare with local tele companies

If you click on this link, you can compare the prices of physical prepaid cards from the local telecom company Telus. Here, the smallest prepaid card with data costs 35 CAD (€23.7) and includes just a single GB of mobile data. In comparison, for €12.7, you can get 10 GB of mobile data with an eSIM card. Therefore, you get much more data for your money by choosing an eSIM card over a physical prepaid card.

The prices at the other national telecom companies Rogers and Bell are very similar. So, you can save quite a bit of money by choosing an eSIM card in Canada.

Save 20% on 10 GB of data

Right now, GlobalSIM is running a campaign that allows you to save 20% on all their eSIMs with 10 GB, which also applies to Canada. The offer is valid for a limited period.

Please note: The prices below are in USD and EUR, not CAD.

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1 GB

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3 GB

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5 GB

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10 GB

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15 GB

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20 GB

Get the ultimate mobile coverage on your trip

Uniquely, with an eSIM in Canada, you gain access to all three available mobile networks at once. This means that if you are in an area where one provider does not provide coverage, your mobile will automatically switch to another provider. With GlobalSIM, you have access to Rogers, Bell, and Telus, meaning you’ll receive the ultimate coverage in Canada!

Mobile coverage outside the cities

Canada is an enormous country with a relatively low population density. Hence, there isn’t the same degree of mobile coverage as you might be accustomed to in Europe or elsewhere. There are several different mobile networks in Canada, which also vary greatly in their coverage across the country. Using an eSIM you gain the advantage of being able to access multiple local network simultaneously. 

Strong 4G signal for both download and streaming

In the latest report from the institute Opensignal of February 2024, the local network from “Rogers” is named the best local network. When you’re travelling outside the major cities, you will thus likely be connected to Rogers. You can manually change network through your phone’s settings, if you find yourself in a place where the current operators signal is slow.

If you need to download heavier files on your trip, the report indicates that you should choose Bell’s network. Here, you indeed get the fastest download speed, closely followed by Telus.

Measuring the best video experience, i.e., if you want to stream a movie on your vacation, you get a very stable connection with all three providers as all three networks are named joint winners in this category.

Your included mobile data is automatically deducted from your balance when you use it, regardless of which of the three operators you are connected to. Since you have three networks to choose from, you likely won’t find a travel SIM card with better coverage.

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Check your coverage

If you want to check which provider offers the best coverage for your specific location, you can find coverage maps for each of them through the links below. 

Enjoy Data Roaming Across North America

If your trip takes you beyond the borders of Canada and into neighbouring United States or even beyond to Mexico, then a regional eSIM might be what you’re looking for. The regional eSIM allows for use not only inside Canada but in all three counties seamlessly. It’s therefore the most flexible solution for travellers. 

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North America

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