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The next generation of SIM-cards

The eSIM card is the SIM card of the future. Gone are the days of physical plastic cards, and physically having to change SIM cards when you travel. With an eSIM card, everything is done electronically.

You receive your eSIM card via email, and installation only takes a few minutes. If you travel abroad, you can be maximally flexible and choose the cheapest eSIM card provider quickly and easily via the internet.

You can choose to install the eSIM card from home, so you are connected as soon as the plane lands. You can also wait until you have peacefully arrived at your hotel. The eSIM card can be installed anywhere, and is not dependent on a particular location. As long as you have an internet connection, you can quickly and easily buy and install your new eSIM card.

With an eSIM card, you keep your normal SIM card in your phone, so you still have the opportunity to use iMessage, WhatsApp, etc. with your regular phone number.

Many advantages of using an eSIM card abroad

An eSIM card is the best choice if you want to use your mobile phone abroad. There are no negotiations with clever airport sellers, and no queue to get the physical SIM card installed.

With an eSIM card, you can choose between a national, regional, or global eSIM card. The national eSIM allows for a single country use, while the regional and global allows for usage across countries for example in South America or Asia. The global eSIM card gives you ultimate flexibility with included mobile data in up to 110 countries at once.

The eSIM card is also the most secure choice for you if you are worried about insecure payment machines and identify theft while signing up for a physical SIM card. The eSIM card allows for secure online payments, and for most countries, there is no ID requirement for registration.

The price is also fixed and low, so you avoid having to negotiate the price with a local salesperson. All communication takes place in English, meaning that you are guaranteed to understand how much data are paying for and how much money you are paying for it.

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Your guarantee for a proper eSIM card

At, we make it our mission to find you the right eSIM card for your specific needs. We compare prices and coverage across providers, and only choose the ones we have tested ourselves and trust.

We always choose the best and the cheapest providers. The prices for eSIMs and the coverage for them often change, hence, the best provider for each country often vary for different countries, and thus, we always recommend that you visit our website before choosing an eSIM.

Only in this way can you be sure that you are getting the best eSIM card for your trip.

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