How to install your eSIM card

Installing your new eSIM card is both easy and fast. After you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email from the eSIM provider. Here you will find an installation guide from the provider. 

The installation of the digital eSIM card is, of course, entirely digital. There is no physical intervention on the phone, and you can safely leave your physical SIM card in during the process.

On both iPhone and Android, the installation of new eSIM cards is an integrated part of the phone’s natural setup, therefore the installation is also very user-friendly.

During the installation, you will need to make a few minor changes in your settings. Below you will find a guide that helps you through these steps. If you follow each step correctly, you will be online in just a few minutes.

The first time you install an eSIM, it is obviously more cumbersome than the subsequent times. But once you have set it up the first time, you will quickly be able to do it again on your next trip.

Three simple steps for installation

Overall, the installation of an eSIM can be summarized in three simple steps.

  1. Find your eSIM on and purchase it through our provider 
  2. Receive your eSIM QR via email
  3. Install your eSIM through the provided QR code or accompanying app.

Please note:

  • A computer is not required for either purchase or installation, it is possible to complete both steps directly on your phone.
  • The installation is 100% digital, meaning you don’t have to wait for a physical SIM card.
  • The installation can be done anywhere in the world, even after you have arrived at your destination.
installation af esimkort

Step 1: Choose your eSIM card

At we compare eSIM cards for countries and regions around the world. We always show you the best and cheapest eSIM cards for your destination.

When you purchase an eSIM through our site, you will be redirected to one of our providers.

Currently, we use Airalo, GlobaleSIM, Flexiroam, Nomad, and RedTeaGO. In some countries, you will find that only one provider is available, while in others there may be two or more providers available.

This may be because one provider is cheapest for the small packages, while another is cheapest for the large ones.

On the front page, you can search for both countries and regions, and thus find the cheapest eSIM cards for each individual destination.

Step 2: Receive your eSIM card via email

After you purchase your eSIM, you will receive an email from our provider. On the right is shown an example of an eSIM for Kazakhstan by our provider Airalo.

In the email, in addition to the order confirmation, you will find a link to the installation. The email also contains a link to the provider’s installation guide.

In the next section, you can sneak peek at the installation for each of our providers. The process is completely identical, except for which app you need to download to follow your data consumption along the way.

Therefore, you can follow this guide regardless of your choice of eSIM and provider.

airalo ordrebekræftigelse
Confirmation mail from Airalo

Step 3: Start the installation

When you click on the link in the email, you will be redirected back to our provider’s website. You now have two options for installation.

There is no advantage of choosing one installation method over the other. You can safely choose the method that seems easiest to you.

App installation

Use this method if you made the purchase directly on the device that will use the eSIM card. I.e., if you purchased the eSIM on your mobile phone.

If you open the link on your phone, you will be asked to install the provider’s app. All providers have apps for both iPhones and Androids.

Once you have downloaded the app and logged in with the user credentials you entered during your purchase, you will be able to see your eSIM. On the right, you can see an example of this screen from the Airalo iPhone app.

Click on the “Install eSIM / access data” button or similiar and the installation will automatically start.

App installation

QR code installation

Use this method if you purchased your eSIM on a computer or on a different device than the one that will use the eSIM.

If you open the link on a computer or tablet, you will again be asked to log in with the user credentials you entered during the purchase process.

Once you are logged in, under “My eSIMs” you will be able to find your eSIM. On Airalo’s website, as shown in the picture here, you’re asked to choose whether you want to install the eSIM on an Android or iPhone device.

After this, a QR code will appear. You need to scan this QR code with your mobile phone. Then the installation will automatically begin.

QR installation

Installation guide for each provider

As previously mentioned, the installation is identical across providers. The only difference being  which app you need to download or which website you need to find the QR code on. However from there, your iPhone or Android device takes over and treats the eSIM identically.

Below you can find links to guides for each of the provider, including examples of how you can install your eSIM from the other providers besides Airalo. I have also included videos of the activation process of an eSIM. You can follow the walkthrough regardless of which eSIM or provider you have chosen, as this part is universal.  

Installation of Airalo

airalo ikon

Installation on iPhone

Installation on Android

If you own a Google Pixel 6 or Google Pixel 6 Pro, you can find a specific guide for these devices on this link.

For Samsung Galaxy S20/S21, you can find an installation guide on this link.

Installation of Nomad

nomad esim ikon

Installation on iPhone and Android

Installation of GlobaleSIM

Installation on iPhone and Android

The installation guide from GlobaleSIM for iPhone and Android installation can be found using this link.

Installation of RedTeaGo

Installation on iPhone and Android

For RedTeaGo you can find installation guides following this link

Activating your eSIM on an iPhone

After installing the eSIM, it is also a requirement to activate the eSIM. This activation tells your device to use your eSIM for data instead of your regular SIM card.  

First, check which provider you have purchased your eSIM from. If you experience any problems throughout either the installation or activation process, you can find help on their website and if necessary contact the provider for assistance. 

As mentioned previously, both the installation and activation process are almost identical. Hence, you should be able to follow this activation guide regardless of your choice of provider. 

Step 1: Turn on your eSIM card

You turn on your eSIM by going into settings and choosing ‘mobile data’. From here, you can see your recently installed ‘travel’ eSIM card and your normal physical SIM card. It’s important that you set your iPhone to only use mobile data via your new travel eSIM card.

As you can see in the short video, you can choose ‘mobile data’ at the top, where you must ensure that your iPhone has only marked your new eSIM.

Also, the setting that your iPhone may switch between your SIM cards should be turned off. Otherwise, you risk that your iPhone continues to use your SIM card to retrieve data.

Step 2: Select the supported network

This step is not required for all countries, hence, if your device connects automatically, you can skip this step and move on to Step 3.

After you have activated your new eSIM, you may find that your iPhone does not have a signal. At this point, your iPhone is determining which mobile network your eSIM belongs to. Your device should automatically find this, but if you feel it is taking too long, you can speed up this process by selecting this manually.

You can find the name of the operator by going into the Airalo app and tapping on your eSIM card. Select “Install eSIM / Access Data” and scroll down until you see “Network“ underneath the name of local network is stated.

Now go back to Settings -> Mobile Network -> Choose your eSIM -> Network Selection. Then turn off “automatic” and wait until a list of operators appear. In some cases, it may take a minute before the list of mobile operators comes up.

When the list appears, you should choose the mobile network from your Airalo app. In some countries, you can choose from more than one network. In this case, you can change network depending on speed and coverage in the area where you are. 

Step 3: Enable data roaming for the eSIM card

For the final step, you need to enable data roaming for your new eSIM. As you can see in the third video, this step is quite short.

Go back into the settings for your new eSIM and find the “data roaming” field. This should be turned on. After that, your eSIM card should be installed and activated.

If you experience problems, I recommend going back and making sure that you have followed the activation process correctly.

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