Travel eSIM in Thailand

Thailand, with its blue skies, white sandy beaches, and azure seas. The only thing missing is some cheap data for your phone. With an eSIM, you get just that! 

The installation is entirely digital without the need to swap your physical SIM card. At the same time, the eSIM functions as a secondary eSIM, meaning your regular number remains active and usable while you’re on vacation in Thailand. No need to look for physical prepaid cards, these eSIM cards work as electronic prepaid cards.

Enjoy Thailand with Cheap Mobile Data

In Thailand, the price of mobile data is incredibly low, meaning you get a lot of mobile data for almost no money. The provider Airalo offers the cheapest eSIMs in Thailand with the option of choosing unlimited data.

Airalo offers two eSIMs, depending on how long you’re visiting Thailand. The first gives you 50 GB to be spend within 10 days for €9.2 ($9.90). 50 GB across 10 days will almost feel like unlimited data, and allows you to surf the internet all you want and even stream a few movies from the beach. Besides data, this eSIM also comes with 100 minutes of local calls. 

Choose Unlimited Data and Calls

If you want true unlimited data for your trip, Airalo offers this too. For just €18.6 ($19.95) you get unlimited mobile data and unlimited local calls for 15 days across all of Thailand. This allows you to explore the beautiful country without ever worrying about data usage.  

Blazing Fast Internet with 5G Throughout Your Trip

Both eSIMs from Airalo come with 5G. So if your phone is 5G-compatible, you can surf at lightning speed! If your phone does not support 5G, you can of course use the traditional 4G network, which is also really good in Thailand.

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50 GB

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Choose a Regional eSIM for All of Asia

If you’re going beyond the borders of Thailand, consider a regional eSIM for Asia. With it, you can have mobile data in up to 20 Asian countries at once. 

Mobile Data Across Southeast Asia

If you’re traveling from Thailand to neighboring Southeast Asian countries such as Laos, Vietnam, or Cambodia, a regional eSIM can save you the hassle of switching both physical SIM cards and local eSIMs.

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Fantastic Coverage in 99.1% of Thailand

Mobile coverage in Thailand is, in short, outstanding. Our provider, Airalo, uses two local mobile network from the local provider ‘Dtac’.  The company offers 3G, 4G, and 5G signals to their customers.

According to a report from the independent institute Opensignal, with a mobile connected to Dtac’s network, you have at least a 3G connection in 99.1% of Thailand! In most cases, it will be a 4G connection, while in cities, you will also find a 5G signal.

If you want to see the connection quality in the exact location you’ll be staying, you can find a coverage map for Dtac by clicking here.

FAQ: How does an eSIM work in Thailand?

No, these eSIM cards are so-called prepaid digital SIM cards. This means that you pay a fixed amount for your eSIM in advance, and once the validity expires, the eSIM card automatically stops working.


However, this also implies that you cannot be charged more than what you initially paid for the eSIM.

Yes. Since your eSIM card is installed as a secondary SIM card, you will still be able to use your regular physical SIM card. This is thanks to the eSIM operating as a dual-SIM. 

Yes, by law all Thai mobile users need to show documentation in order to use the local cell network. For eSIM users the provider Airalo will take care of the registration process for you.

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