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Buy an eSIM Card for Japan and get cheap mobile data on your trip. Purchase a digital prepaid SIM card in Japan. With an eSIM card, you keep your regular physical SIM card and your regular phone number, and use the eSIM card exclusively to send and receive data.

An eSIM card is easy to install and can best be compared to a regular app, which also gives you cheap mobile data while traveling. The payment is secure and takes place through the app. 

Easy and Cheap Mobile Data in Japan

Choosing an eSIM for your next trip to Japan gives you the easiest way to get mobile data while traveling. In Japan, you can choose from five different data packages ranging from 1 to 20 GB of data.

The package with 20 GB offers plenty of opportunities to use mobile data during your stay in Japan, as you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough data for the trip. If you want to maintain a normal usage it is recommended to choose at least 10 GB for a month.

Cheaper than Physical Prepaid SIM Cards

Although Japan is often portrayed as a high-tech country, mobile telephony, and especially mobile data, is actually quite expensive. A popular provider of physical prepaid cards (SIM cards) is the local company Mobal.

Mobal offers several different prepaid SIM cards targeted at tourists. Below, I have compared two of their popular prepaid cards. The comparison clearly show that eSIMs from Airalo is the cheapest option for data roaming in Japan.

The prices are found on Mobal’s website and are very similar across competing prepaid SIM-card providers.

Comparison with Local Prepaid Card

The prepaid SIM cards from Modal starts at ¥4,730 (€28.0/ $30.0) for which you get 25 GB of data and a validity of 8 days. In comparison, the Airalo eSIM starts at just €4.2 ($4.5) for 1 GB of data and 7 days validity.

If you need more data and a longer duration, Modal also offers a larger SIM card. Here, you get a validity of 31 days and 50 GB for a price of ¥7,920 (€46.9/ $50.3) . For the largest eSIM from Airalo with 20 GB of data and validity of 30 days, you pay €24.3 ($26). This is around half the price compared to Modals prepaid SIM card. 

If you need more than 20 GB during your trip, you can ‘top-up’ with another eSIM of any data amount via Airalo’s app. Hence, the eSIM also offer you flexibility should you need more data than you anticipated. 

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1 GB

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3 GB

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5 GB

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10 GB

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20 GB

Data Across Asia with a Regional eSIM

If you are going on a longer trip around Asia, such as a backpacking journey, it may be beneficial for you to choose a regional eSIM card. With a regional eSIM in Asia, you get mobile data in several Asian countries through one single eSIM. This saves you the hassle of buying multiple eSIMs and allows you to bring your data allowance with you across borders thus saving you money.

Enjoy Roaming in India and New Zealand 

In Asia, you can choose between two different providers of regional eSIM cards for Asia: Airalo and Nomad. The two providers packages have clear differences in coverage, validity and price. So we recommend that you compare each provider to find the package that suits you. 

Airalo give you coverage in most of Asia including China, Thailand and Vietnam. While Nomad also give you coverage in Oceania, as they also cover both Australia and New Zealand besides the 18 countries covered by Airalo. 

Travel for up to 180 days with one eSIM

If you setting out for the once in a lifetime trip across Asia, then you should consider the regional eSIM from Airalo. Airalo’s regional eSIM offers up to 180 days of validity and up to 100 GB of data meaning that you can travel freely for up to six months without changing your eSIM.

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Get the Ultimate Mobile Coverage in Japan

One additional benefit of using eSIM over SIM cards is that Airalo allows you to use multiple local network providers. In Japan, the Airalo eSIM allows you to use two local networks, KDDI (au) and DOCOMO (NTT DoCoMo). This means that if you are in a place in Japan where one provider does not cover, you can switch to the other provider.

This is a huge advantage, which is very rarely found with physical SIM cards. Because the two eSIM providers Airalo and Nomad are independent of the local telecom companies, they are able to negotiate the best prices and play each provider to their advantage. 

Airalo has therefore entered into a double roaming agreement with two separate providers in Japan, which helps to give you the ultimate coverage on your trip.

Mobile Coverage in 99.6% and 99.7% of Japan

The two local mobile networks from KDDI (au) and DOCOMO (NTT DoCoMo) cover respectively 99.6% and 99.7% of Japan. When comparing the japanese providers it is important to remember that the mobile network in Japan is among the best in the world. 

This also implies that the differences between KDDI and DOCOMO is just 0.1%. So no matter which of the networks you’re connected to, the Airalo eSIM offers you an extremely solid network connection.

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