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Welcome to eSIMTravelHub.com!

My name is David, and I am the founder of eSIMTravelHub.com. I started this site to help you, the reader, choose the best and most affordable eSIM for your next trip.

The idea for this site stems from my own travels, where I have personally experienced how cumbersome it can be to get mobile data abroad. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching the many options for buying physical SIM cards before arriving in a new country. Where do I find a phone store, what providers exist, and how much should I pay for the SIM card?

There are many questions, and as a tourist, it is easy to become confused and even duped into paying too much for a simple SIM card. When I discovered the eSIM technology, and how easy it was to use, I decided to start a dedicated website for the concept.

This site is an offshoot of my Danish sites, esimkort.dk and budget-rejser.dk, which you are also welcome to check out. Both sites are in Danish though. Here, in addition to eSIM cards, you can find travel inspiration and other tips for a more budget-friendly journey.

Please be aware that we at eSIMTravelHub.com do not sell eSIM ourselves. We have merely entered into affiliate agreements with various eSIM providers and they pay us to promote their eSIMs. We receive a commission from the providers when you purchase an eSIM through our links. However, this does not affect the price you, as a customer, pay for the eSIM.

If you need to get in touch with me, feel free to write to kontakt@esimkort.dk. I will make sure to reply to you in english 😉

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