Travel eSIM in Mexico

Bring an eSIM with you to Mexico and enjoy cheap data on your phone no matter where you are in the country. Whether you’re enjoying the sun on the beautiful sandy beaches or exploring the jungle. With an eSIM, you’ll always have data at hand.

In Mexico, you can choose from six different eSIMs with between 1 and 20 GB of included mobile data. The duration starts at 7 days, and goes up to 30 days for the larger packages with 10 GB or more.

eSIM: The Easy Choice for Mobile Data in Mexico

The installation of your eSIM card is completely digital, so you avoid having to find a physical phone store and having to switch your physical SIM card. Since your eSIM becomes your secondary SIM card, you also keep your regular mobile number.

This means you can receive calls on your normal number, while also having cheap data roaming via your eSIM card.

Safe and Secure Digital Payment in Mexico

The eSIM is also the secure way to get mobile data in Mexico, where one should always be aware of their surroundings, especially when making a payment.

Choosing an eSIM card allows you to safely and calmly purchase and install your new travel SIM card while relaxing by the pool or waiting for your flight at the airport. The only requirement is that you have an internet connection while you install it; otherwise, it can be installed anywhere on the planet.

Choose the Regional eSIM, Even If You’re Only Staying in Mexico

If you’re considering buying the larger eSIM with 20 GB, the cheapest option is actually the regional eSIM from GlobaleSIM. With this eSIM, in addition to Mexico, you also get mobile data in the United States and Canada. This is actually a bit cheaper compared to the local eSIM, which only applies to Mexico. 

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esim mexico icon

1 GB

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2 GB

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3 GB

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5 GB

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10 GB

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esim mexico icon

30 GB

Regional eSIM in South and Central America

If you are traveling to one of Mexico’s neighboring countries, such as Costa Rica, Belize or Guatemala, you might consider choosing a regional eSIM card for South and Central America. This way, you only need to buy one SIM card on your trip, and can instead spend your time enjoying your travels.

Avoid Data Waste and Save Money

The price of regional eSIMs is generally a bit more expensive than local eSIMs. However, the advantage is that with a regional eSIM, you avoid having leftover data in each country you visit. For example, if you do not use 500 MB on a local eSIM, it might have been cheaper for you to choose the slightly more expensive regional eSIM, where you can take the data with you to the next country.

Compare the Price of Local and Regional eSIMs

Generally, it will be beneficial for you to compare the price between local and regional eSIMs. But of course, you also need to consider how much time you want to spend on eSIM cards during your vacation.

Mobile Data in the US and Canada

In addition to South and Central America, you can also choose the regional eSIM for North America. This eSIM applies not only to Mexico but also in the US and Canada.

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Central and South America

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North America

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