Regional eSIMs

If you are going on a longer trip, or if you frequently travel between different countries in a specific region such as Asia or South America, you can opt for a regional eSIM package. This way, you do not need to concern yourself with SIM cards and data roaming while travelling.

With the regional eSIM you will have access to inexpensive data throughout the entire region, without having to worry about purchasing new eSIMs each time you cross country borders. Your regional eSIM card works in both country A and country B.

Cheap mobile data across a region

Below you will find six different regional eSIM cards: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and South America. There are four major operators offering these regional eSIMs: Airalo, Flexiroam, Nomad, and RedTeaGo.

Save money on a backpacking trip to Asia

A good example of where it can be beneficial to purchase a regional eSIM is for a trip to Asia. On a trip lasting, for instance, three months, you will easily pass through a handful of countries. You can choose to buy individual local eSIM or physical SIM cards along the way. But what if you only needed to buy a single eSIM for your entire trip?

In Asia, you can opt for a regional eSIM, which is valid for 90 days – meaning a three-month journey in Asia with only a single eSIM! With this package, you get 50 GB of data that you can use across 16 different countries in Asia.

Island hopping in the Caribbean or travelling in South America

In addition to Asia, you can also choose regional eSIM for the Caribbean and South America. This could be an advantage if you are sailing around the Caribbean and passing by several different small island states. Or perhaps you are a backpacking in South and Central America. For both cases, you can get a regional eSIM which will have you covered with affordable mobile data.


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North America

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Middle East

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South America

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