Regional eSIM in the Middle East

Easily access mobile data across the Middle East and North Africa. With a regional eSIM for the Middle East, you no longer have to worry about data roaming and physical SIM cards. The entire setup is digital, taking just a few minutes to install.

You can seamlessly travel between nations such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, and Qatar without the stress of data roaming charges.

The Ultimate eSIM for Middle Eastern Travels

If you frequently travel between various Middle Eastern countries, you’re probably familiar with the expensive data roaming costs. Even if you opt for physical SIM cards to save money, it still remains a cumbersome solution.

Use an eSIM for Business Trips

With a digital eSIM, not only do you benefit from cost-effective data roaming, but you also have the option to continue using your regular mobile number. This is particularly advantageous if you wish to maintain contact with family or colleagues back home during your travels.

An eSIM operates as a secondary SIM card. This means both your physical SIM card and your new digital eSIM can be active simultaneously. Thus, you can receive calls from home, while easily and affordably accessing the internet across the Middle East.

Compare with the price of local eSIM cards

If you are very price-conscious, you might want to compare the price of the regional eSIM card with local eSIM cards. It will often be cheaper to buy local eSIMs rather than regional ones. However, the downside of multiple local eSIM cards is that you have to actively switch between them when you cross country borders.

Fortunately, you can have up to 20 different eSIMs installed at once if you’re an iPhone user. Thus, it is quite easy to activate and deactivate the different eSIMs as you cross borders. But this hassle can be avoided, if you choose the regional eSIM.

Click on the countries below and see the options for local eSIM cards

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Airalo: Extensive Coverage in the Middle East

If you’re going on a tour of the Middle East and wish to stay connected, Airalo is the ideal choice for you. With Airalo, you get the most comprehensive coverage in the region, spanning across 15 different countries.

With Airalo’s regional Middle East eSIM card, you can opt from three distinct data packages ranging from 1 to 3 GB of included data. Validity periods vary between 7, 15, and 30 days. Hence, when selecting your eSIM card, consider both the amount of data you anticipate using and the duration of your trip.

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1 GB

esim airalo ikon
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2 GB

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3 GB

RedTeaGo: Global Coverage in the Middle East

As an alternative to Airalo’s regional package, consider the Global eSIM offered by RedTeaGo. With this eSIM, you can enjoy global coverage across a staggering 138 countries worldwide, including 10 in the Middle East. This coverage notably includes countries such as the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

You can refer to this link for a comprehensive coverage map detailing all the included countries. 

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6 GB

Coverage Map of Airalo's Regional Middle East eSIM

The 15 included countries in the Airalo Middle East eSIM card:

Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Coverage Map of RedTeaGo's Regional Middle East eSIM

The 10 included countries in the Airalo Middle East eSIM card:

Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Please note that the global eSIM from RedTeaGo covers 100+ additional countries besides the Middle East and North Africa.

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