Travel eSIM in Morocco

Choose an eSIM in Morocco and be online as soon as you land. With an eSIM, you avoid having to switch your physical SIM card, instead, you simply install an app and download and install your eSIM through it entirely digital. After that, you’re connected immediately.

An eSIM can be installed from home, so you don’t need to spend time during your vacation finding a local shop that sells prepaid SIM card. You can easily and securely pay for the eSIM online via your regular credit card. You don’t need to worry about exchanging money or withdrawing local currency to buy a physical prepaid card.

eSIM: Easy Mobile Data on the Go

In Morocco, you can choose from six different data packages ranging from 1 to 15 GB of data. If you only need mobile data to communicate via messages around 3 GB of data may be enough. If you are traveling with others, I would definitely recommend having the ability to contact each other in Morocco. It’s very easy to get separated in the busy souk.

15 GB of Data for Streaming and GPS

If you need more data for things like streaming, or if you’ve rented a car in Morocco, then you might want to choose one of the larger eSIMs with up to 15 GB of data.

Here, you not only get more mobile data but also an extended validity of 30 days which is great if you’re in for a long road trip around the country.

Prepaid eSIM without Subscription or need for cancellation

All the eSIMs are prepaid with no subscription. You pay what you see, and can relax without worrying about cancelling a subscription before you leave the country. This also implies that the eSIM will stop working after the specified validity period no matter how much data you’ve used.  

Morocco esim icon
Morocco esim icon

1 GB

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2 GB

Morocco esim icon

3 GB

Morocco esim icon

5 GB

Morocco esim icon

10 GB

Morocco esim icon

15 GB

eSIM with Data for the Rest of the Middle East

If you’re traveling from Morocco to, for example, Egypt, UAE, or Turkey, you might consider choosing a regional eSIM card. With a regional eSIM, you get mobile data in several countries at once. Meaning you don’t need to buy individual eSIMs for each country you visit, but can relax and enjoy your trip while surfing as much as you like.

With the regional eSIM for the Middle East, you get coverage in 15 countries including Morocco, and you can choose data packages between 1 and 3 GB.

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Middle East

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