Best eSIM in the Philippines

Buy an eSIM in the Philippines and enjoy affordable mobile data throughout your trip. An eSIM card works instantly, eliminating the hassle of finding physical SIM cards through street vendors. You can purchase the eSIM from anywhere on the planet, allowing you to comfortably buy it at the hotel, by the pool, or while waiting for your flight at the airport.

An eSIM is a great choice for both vacations and business trips. The eSIM functions as a second SIM card, meaning you can use your regular SIM card for receiving calls and text messages through your regular phone number while also benefiting from affordable data roaming through your eSIM card.

Easy Mobile Data While Traveling

In the Philippines, we recommend the provider GlobaleSIM. Here you can choose from six different eSIM cards ranging from 1 to 50 GB. The eSIMs from GlobaleSIM work like digital prepaid cards, meaning you only pay the price listed below. There no subscription or any risk of paying more than what you see. The price you see is the price you pay.

When you purchase a larger eSIM card, the price per gigabyte decreases. Hence, it might be more cost effective for you to choose a larger eSIM, if you believe you’ll use a lot of data for social media, streaming etc. 

Top Up Your Prepaid eSIM Card Along the Way

If you run out of data, it’s easy to top up during your trip. This can be done quickly through the GlobaleSIM website, where you can purchase new data packages throughout your journey. The prices remain the same as listed below, but you won’t need to reinstall your eSIM.

philippines icon esim
philippines icon esim

1 GB

philippines icon esim

3 GB

philippines icon esim

5 GB

philippines icon esim

10 GB

philippines icon esim

20 GB

philippines icon esim

50 GB

Get Mobile Data Across Asia

If you’re traveling beyond the Philippines to other parts of Asia, it might be worth considering a regional eSIM for Asia. This way, you won’t have to worry about mobile data when changing countries.

The regional eSIM card for Asia works in up to 20 Asian countries, including the Philippines and neighboring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand

There are two providers of regional eSIMs for Asia: Airalo and Nomad. If you choose Nomad you will get coverage in the same 18 countries as for Airalo as well as Australia and New Zealand

Get Up to 100 GB of Data and 180 Days Validity

With a regional eSIM from Airalo, you can select eSIM packages with up to 100 GB of included data. This allows you to travel around Asia for your entire journey with only one single eSIM. 

As you increase the size of the eSIMs, the price per gigabyte drops significantly. The cheapest package per gigabyte is also the one with the longest validity of 180 days meaning you can travel freely for up to 6 months in Asia. 

esim airalo ikon
asia icon esim


nomad esim ikon
asia icon esim


Get the Best Mobile Coverage in the Philippines

If you choose one of the eSIM from GlobaleSIM for your trip to the Philippines, you’ll receive the best mobile coverage in the country, according to an independent report from October 2023. During your stay, you’ll be connected to the local mobile network from “Globe”, which according to OpenSignal had the strongest mobile coverage in the Philippines. 

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