eSIM in Bali and Indonesia

Buy an eSIM in Indonesia and have mobile data immediately upon landing in Bali. An eSIM operates independently of your normal mobile subscription. This means you retain your physical SIM card in your device and simply install the eSIM as you would any other app.

An eSIM is perfect if you wish to maximize your holiday time without the hassle of dealing with a local physical prepaid SIM card. You can even set up your eSIM before departing from home, ensuring you’re online as soon as the plane touches down.

Instant Mobile Data in Bali and Indonesia with an eSIM

In Indonesia and Bali, you can choose from six different eSIM packages ranging from 1 to 20 GB of data. Meaning that there is always a plan for your needs. The eSIM works across all of Indonesia, so whether you’re in Jakarta, Bali, Lombok, or elsewhere, you’re covered.

eSIM: The Ideal Choice for Your Bali Vacation

If you’re the type of person who wants to explore Bali while being confident that you have enough data to share videos on Instagram, it’s advisable to opt for one of the larger data packages of either 10 GB or 20 GB.

For those with moderate data need, a 5 GB plan is recommended for a week-long vacation.

Consider the Validity Period

When selecting an eSIM card, it’s not just the amount of data you should consider, but also its validity duration. The validity period in Indonesian eSIMs ranges from 7 to 30 days, and the card will cease to function once this period expires. 

A significant advantage of eSIMs prepaid nature, is that you are limited to the one-time fee. This ensures no unexpected bills, and offers peace of mind and eliminates the need to worry about your SIM cards beyond your initial purchase.

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1 GB

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3 GB

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5 GB

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10 GB

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20 GB

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50 GB

Regional eSIM with Mobile Data for the Backpackers

If you’re embarking on a tour around Asia, it’s worth considering purchasing a regional eSIM for Asia. With a regional eSIM, you have data in across the region including Indonesia. Meaning that you won’t have to worry about data roaming as you move from one country to another. The regional eSIM in Asia covers up to 16 Asian countries, including Indonesia.

Choosing a regional eSIM in Asia also expands the availability, as you can choose eSIMs with up to 100 GB of included data. For the larger packages, the cost per gigabyte also decreases significantly with the 100 GB package sitting at only €1.7 /GB ($1.85). Furthermore, the regional eSIMs also has an extended validity of up to 180 days (6 months), making them the ideal choice any backpacking journey across Asia!

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