Travel eSIM in Panama

Easily connect online with an eSIM in Panama. Ideal for everything from short business trips to extended leisure vacations. Choose either a local eSIM card, specifically tailored with mobile data for Panama, or opt for a more comprehensive regional eSIM that provides connectivity throughout South and Central America.

A Convenient Secondary SIM Card for Your Travels

The concept of an eSIM card revolutionizes international mobile connectivity. Designed to make your travels smoother, an eSIM is installed entirely digitally, eliminating the need for a physical card. It seamlessly integrates into your device, serving as a secondary SIM.

This ensures you remain accessible, as you can still receive calls and messages on your primary, regular SIM card. Additionally, as you keep your physical SIM card securely in the phone, it also removes any concern about misplacing your physical SIM card during your travels. 

Diverse eSIM Choices in Panama

Panama offers an extensive range of eSIMs. You can select from an array of four distinct eSIMs, providing up to 5 GB of data. This regional eSIM from GlobaleSIM actually provides the cheapest option regardless of whether you’re only visiting Panama or also going beyond.

If, however, you’re going to stay in Panama for more than the 21 days the regional eSIM include, you can choose the local eSIM for Panama. With this eSIM you get 10 GB of data and 30 days validity. It should be noted though that the price GB is actually lower for the regional eSIMs. 

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1 GB

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2 GB

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3 GB

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5 GB

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10 GB

Regional eSIM with Mobile Data Across 19 Latin American Countries

If you’re planning an extended journey through South and Central America, consider opting for a regional eSIM. With just a single regional eSIM, you gain access to mobile data in as many as 19 distinct countries in Latin America. This makes it an ideal choice for backpacking adventures!

The regional eSIM for South and Central America include mobile data in many of Panama’s neighbouring countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Colombia. 

Caribbean eSIM for Island-Hopping

If you’re in Panama to start your voyage across the Caribbean Sea, there’s also a regional eSIM tailored just for you. Many voyages commence or conclude in Panama, so naturally, Panama is also included within the Caribbean regional eSIM package.

The Caribbean package offers connectivity across 24 countries, including notable destinations like Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, and Martinique.

Opt for Regional eSIM for Greater Data Needs

Should you require more than the 10 GB offered by local eSIMs, the regional/global eSIM is also a viable option. With these, you can get as much as 20 GB of included data. Additionally, as you scale up your data package, the cost per GB tends to decrease, providing greater value for your investment.

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