Prepaid eSIM in Madagascar

Looking for an efficient way to stay online during your trip to Madagascar? With an eSIM you get a digital prepaid solution for travel friendly mobile data. 

By choosing an eSIM, you eliminate the need for physical prepaid SIM cards, this ensures ensures hassle-free connectivity which is ideal for vacations, business trips, and long backpacking adventures.

eSIM cards are particularly beneficial when traveling in Africa, where local SIM cards can be hard to come by and free WiFi often is unreliable. With so much to see and do, staying connected to share your experiences is essential. That’s why an eSIM card is the perfect choice for your Madagascar trip.

The Best Cell Coverage in Madagascar

During your stay, you will be connected to two local cellphone carriers at once. With GlobaleSIM you get access to both Orange and Airtel simultaneously. This is perfect if your journey takes you beyond the capital city of Antananarivo where the signal might be poor. 

Affordable Mobile Data with a Long Validity

In Madagascar, there are six different eSIM card options available from the providers Airalo and GlobaleSIM. The different packages vary in both data allowance and validity period. Hence, when you choose your eSIM, you should consider both your expected data usage and the length of your stay.

The packages start at only 1 GB of data and a validity of 7 days. The price per gigabyte decrease if choose larger packages, so for a better value, consider opting for a larger data package.

The largests eSIMs with 10 and 20 GB offer the maximum validity of 30 days, making them ideal if you’re spending a month exploring the fantastic countryside of Madagascar.

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1 GB

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2 GB

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3 GB

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5 GB

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10 GB

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20 GB

Choose a Regional eSIM for Regional Coverage Across Africa

If you’re on a longer journey across multiple countries with Madagascar only being one of many destinations on your journey, then it might be beneficial for you to consider a regional eSIM for Africa. This convenient option lets you buy just one eSIM card that gets you mobile data in up to 36 African countries.

Bring Your Data Across Borders and Prevent Data Waste

A regional eSIM card ensures you don’t waste data when crossing borders, as your mobile data can be used across all included countries. This not only simplifies your travel experience but also potentially lowers your costs by reducing the amount of unused data when crossing borders.

As an alternative to the regional eSIM, you can opt for multiple local eSIMs. These are available for most countries in the world including neighbouring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

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