Best eSIM in Ecuador

Heading to Ecuador? Get connected effortlessly with an eSIM card. Avoid the hassle of searching for a store offering physical prepaid SIM cards, and opt for a fully digital eSIM.

Digital eSIM: The future of connectivity abroad

Installation is a breeze, meaning there’s no need to replace your physical SIM card during your travels. Instead, you can set it up from the comfort of your own home or even at the airport en route to Ecuador.

All that’s required is an active internet connection during installation. This ensures that you’re equipped with mobile data the moment you step into Ecuador.

Cheap mobile data for your journey across Ecuador

In Ecuador you can choose from a variety of different eSIMs. Below we have selected the cheapest and best options for you given the different data sizes. The cheapest option for Ecuador is local eSIMs, meaning that they only work in Ecuador. 

At the bottom of the page you can find the option of regional eSIMs that is slightly more costly, but that offers full flexibility on your trip. 

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1 GB

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3 GB

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5 GB

ecuador icon esim

10 GB

ecuador icon esim

15 GB

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20 GB

Regional eSIM with Mobile Data throughout Latin America

If you’re travelling beyond Ecuador and exploring countries in Central or South America, then you might consider a regional eSIM. The regional eSIM provides you with mobile data across national borders, meaning that you won’t have to worry about data roaming during your cross-border travels. 

By choosing a regional eSIM card, you only need to purchase and install one eSIM for your entire journey, saving both time and money.

Maximize Data Usage with a Regional eSIM Card

The price of regional eSIMs might be slightly higher than the local ones, however, with a regional eSIM card, you eliminate “wasting” data when crossing borders. For instance, if you purchase 5 GB in Ecuador but only use 3 GB during your stay, you would have left 2 GB unused. In essence, you’d have overpaid for your 3 GB. Hence, it might have been more beneficial for you to buy the regional eSIM.

Read more about the regional eSIM and see the map of included countries by clicking the link below. 

South America

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