Travel eSIM in Cuba

Get internet on your trip to Cuba. Cuba is known for its fantastic culture, beaches, and people. But also for its incredible closeness. Therefore, it is also incredibly difficult to access the internet in the country. However, with an eSIM, you can now bypass this extreme censorship and actually get internet access on your mobile phone.

Easy mobile data on your trip to Cuba

As mentioned, the availability of eSIM cards and physical SIM cards is very limited in Cuba. Most visitors avoid the hassle of acquiring a tourist SIM card. But with the digital eSIM card, it is actually possible for you to stay in touch with friends and family back home while enjoying Cuba.

Caribbean eSIM but without Cuba

If you are on a tour of the Caribbean, you can also consider a regional eSIM card. With this, you get mobile data in 24 countries across the Caribbean (unfortunately, not including Cuba). Therefore, you should still choose the local eSIM card below if you want mobile data in Cuba.

Avoid censorship with a VPN

Even though you’re able to access the internet in Cuba, it doesn’t mean that you’re able to access the websites you want to visit. The Cuban internet is among the most heavily censored ones in the world. Therefore, if you wish to browse the sites that you’re used to, we recommend that you purchase a VPN-connection. 

The VPN sends your data securely through a third country before reaching Facebook or Google. We recommend NordVPN, which you can find on this link

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