Prepaid eSIM in Chile

Purchase an eSIM for Chile and Gain Quick and Easy Mobile Data Access. With an eSIM in you will have instant access to mobile data whenever you need it, easing the burden of tracking down a physical SIM card. The eSIM works out of the box, and can be installed like any other app on your phone. 

The eSIM also enables your phone to use its dual-SIM functionality. Meaning that you won’t have swap out your physical SIM card. Instead, your SIM card will remain in your phone and word seperately of your eSIM. This allows you to receive important calls or texts on your regular phone, while all data is routed through your eSIM. Brilliant right?  

Affordable Mobile Data in Chile with an eSIM

Chile offers some of the world’s most competitively priced mobile data rates for eSIM cards. Remarkably, despite its vast size and uneven population density, Chile stands out as having the most affordable eSIM options in both South and Central America.

Even the most basic eSIM, still offer 7 GB of mobile data. However, it’s worth noting that it is only valid for 5 days.

Local calls and texts with the larger eSIMs

If your stay in Chile extends beyond five days, you might consider opting for one of the larger eSIMs. With these, you receive a number of benefits: firstly, you are able to get up to 20 GB data. Secondly, the validity increases to 30 days. 

And thirdly, you also get the option of making local calls and text messages. Both the 15 GB and 20 GB eSIMs comes with 500 minutes of local calls and 500 local texts. This ensures you’re well-connected throughout your time in this captivating country, whether you’re exploring the Atacama Desert, the bustling streets of Santiago, or the majestic Andes mountains.

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7 GB

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15 GB

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20 GB

Mobile Data in South and Central America

Are you traveling around South America, perhaps visiting neighbouring countries like Argentina or Peru? In that case, consider opting for an eSIM that covers the entirety of South and Central America. This way, you can freely traverse borders while ensuring you always have ample mobile data on your phone.

Avoid wasting data and save money with a regional eSIM

While it might seem that regional eSIMs come with a steeper price tag upfront, they often translate to significant savings in the long run. Travelers can dodge the inconvenience and costs of procuring multiple local SIMs by investing in one comprehensive coverage plan.

This means that any data you doesn’t consume in one country, can be utilized in another one. This ensures optimal data use meaning reducing the cost per GB for you.

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